"The song is great! The recording is warm and balanced, the musicianship is stellar, the songwriting developed, and your voice is really lovely. Strong and not pushing, inviting. I can totally hear this played with modern rock and no doubt you'll gain a following. It's difficult to come out with the first single and not make it sound like you're 'trying', and instead make it seem as if you are a seasoned band. Really great job! I'm sure you'll have success with this project. All beset wishes! Clem"”

— Clementine Drum (drummer - Zepparella)

 “Danger Kitty has a new album coming out that they recorded wit Bruce Turgon… I was lucky enough to hear a pre release copy and was blown away not only at the great sound and incredible playing, but also the Quality of the writing. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting the drummer Kane yet, but he sounded fantastic. Guitarists Mark Frese and Tyler Mansfield are both old friends who are killer guitarists who sound like a million bucks together. On Bass guitar and lead vocals is Demetra Frese, Who I had the honor of teaching Bass to when she was just a little girl. Now she is not only rocking the bass with this band, she is fronting the band and crushing it on the vocals. Long live Danger Kitty, they are really a great band. Catch them live if you get a chance and get their album, it's a great listen." "I loved how richly it was layered with the acoustics supporting the Electric guitars, very nice work. You all crushed it on this album.” ~ Award wining Guitarist, recording artist and Composter, Marvin Allen

"I did... listen to your single and holy sh**! It's so great, lady!! Epic rock (just the way I like it) and slaying vocals. So so dope! Congratulations on the new release!!!"”

— Megan Slankard

"Shivers down my spine on this one (Midnight Mourning). Earned a follow, like on Spotify and a follow here on Facebook. Keep up the good work. ~ Packetloss

"This was the nightlight of the night! Every band was beyond fantastic BUT Danger Kitty put on a SHOW of SHOWS! The talent of this new band is so frickin incredible. The audience went wild over every song! The sound was excellent, the lighting was over the top amazing and every detail was on point... I just loved it all!"”

— Marlene "Redbud" Elliiot

“Listening to your CD … so good!! My favs are Midnight Mourning and Lost and Found. I figured it out… you remind me of the girl on that show Daisy (Daisy Jones & the Six) … Your voice is so rich and well developed … I like it a lot! Could listen to this song Lost and Found over and over!” ~ Kathy Luongo

"LOST and FOUND"... "Danger Kitty Music I love the note choices in the melody. It feels deliberate. Like it was written before it was sung. Huge thick voice and creamy lead guitar lines. It's awesome. Sung with feeling. Congratulations. I'm a huge fan of the ending too."”

— Deon Powter Band

“…I absolutely LOVE your CD! It is fantastic!! So many standout moments by literally every person in the band! I have not taken it out of my deck in my car since the day I bought it! You guys just Smashed It!!! Thank you!!”  ~ Gary Lee

Just listened... wow... just... wow!”

— Cathy Taylor Crumb

“The CD is awesome” ~ Charles Overton